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For Rent | Unfurnished Key Allegro House | Price: $1800 per Month (Negotiable)

3-2 Split Bedrooms. Double Garage. All appliances, 1 story, fenced, new floors, paint, quartz counters, fixtures, windows, fans, paint, hardware, undermount sink. Inside W/D. 25 Lauderdale Dr. Call (214)796-1806.

0 Roving Reporter | "Good news...I counted about 45 juvenile black skimmers..." | Text and Photos by Sally Mitchell

"Good news...I counted about 45 juvenile black skimmers at the Rockport Beach this morning. That's a successful breeding year for them. Sending a thank you to the Navigation District for their efforts to protect the skimmers' nesting area. Fingers crossed for NO late season disasters -- weather, human, or other -- before the youngsters are fully fledged and self-reliant." - Sally Mitchell

0 The World According to Bella | "Gone Missing"

Some thought I've been on vacation, others wondered if I've been sick and even a few thought I'd stopped the blogging thing all together, but after some 44 days of gone missing I want to you to know I'm baaack!

Really it has been all Mrs. S's fault. She seemed too busy to help me and was always on the computer when I wanted to use it. I am happy to report we now have another computer. Mrs. S has promised me things will change. In fact I even heard Mrs. S talk about getting me my own website so I can blog all I want. Now that would be a dream come true!

0 Roving Reporter | "Scenes such as this are a beautiful sight - like a special gift..." | Text and Photo by Jane Willard

"Scenes such as this are a beautiful sight - like a special gift of nature. This picture exemplifies just a few of the various species of both native and migrating birds that are dependent on wetland ponds and marshes for survival. Fresh water wetlands are important sources of drinking water and food for all kinds of wildlife, even those we associate with salt water bays. Salt marshes and brackish marshes occur along the coastline and serve valuable functions including protecting the shoreline from erosion, providing nursery habitat for juvenile fish species, and feeding and nesting habitat for shorebirds, wading birds and waterfowl. If the birds could speak, they would surely thank the owner of this protected privately owned pond." - Jane Willard

0 The History Center for Aransas County | "Plant Exchange Adds Unusual Plants" | Sept 5, 10am

The Plant Exchange Committee is encouraging our plant exchange followers to bring an unusual plant to exchange. Along with the regular garden plants, how about exchanging succulents, cacti, herbs, and tropical plants, such as orchids? We also welcome the sharing of mango or avocado trees. Any plant from your garden are welcomed to be exchanged. This endeavor is an activity to promote keeping Rockport beautiful and an opportunity to meet other plant enthusiasts. We hope you take time to come by and share your plant with others, while choosing one for your garden. Look for Doc in the garden. We hope to see you at the Gazebo behind the History Center at 801 E. Cedar Street. A venue of Aransas Pathways.

0 Something Funny, VIDEO | "Nature Rx Part 1" via Nature Rx

If you feel tired and bogged down with modern life, then this Rx could be right for you. "Side effects may include confidence, authenticity, remembering you have a body, and being in a good mood for no apparent reason."