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0 Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce | "HummerBird Celebration" | Sept 18, 3-5pm, Sept 19, 9-5pm, Sept 20 9-5pm, Sept 21, 10-1pm

Join us for the 26th Anniversary of the HummerBird Celebration. This event celebrates the spectacular fall migration of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, the stars of the show. The Celebration offers something for everyone, from backyard birders to more experience birders who can expand their knowledge of birds. Topics and activities are available to meet every interest. For more information visit or stop by the Chamber of Commerce at 319 Broadway, Rockport, Texas 78382.

7 Recommendation Needed | Treatment for Fire Ant Bites

Does anyone have any home remedies or over the counter recommendations to treat fire ant bites? I keep thinking I must be allergic to them as I keep getting huge swollen spots that hurt for days and this your experience? (New to the area) OUCH! Thanks in advance! ~ J

0 Roving Reporter | "Hummingbirds in Aransas Pass" | Photography by Sylvia Mackie

2 VIDEO: WWN "Bird Feed" Cam Sped Up 900%

The footage was captured during a live cam broadcast by Sept 18, 2014, Rockport, Texas. The following clip is sped up 900% of normal speed. The speed of this clip really gives you an appreciation for the tenacity of the can really see their flight patterns as they make their circuit around the yard. The "Bird Feed" Cam is brought to you by Amazing 20/20 Window Cleaning.

If you have captured footage and pictures from your yard in Rockport-Fulton, please share! You can email JPGs and MOV files to We will post as many as possible. Thank you!

0 VIDEO: "Rufous Hummingbird" Shot and Shared by Becky Williams Rays

This video is such a rare treat for us here in the Rockport-Fulton area. This video of a Rufous Hummingbird was shot last year near the Fort Worth area by Becky Williams Rays. Becky has been chatting with us online and watching this year's "Bird Feed." Thank you so much for sharing Becky!