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0 ABBA Services | Cleaning + Make-Ready + Concierge

"Who ya gonna call?"
Alicia Wilson, Owner
P.O. Box 1058
Fulton, Texas 78358

Every project is different. Every client is special. ABBA Services, headquartered in Rockport, provides cleaning and make-ready services to the Coastal Bend region. Residential, commercial, new construction or remodels, call us today and we will go to work for you tomorrow! We are fully insured and all employees go through a background check. Call today for an estimate!

0 Roving Reporter | "Energy Conservation Requested" | Shared by Vicki Pitluk

"The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) is asking Texas residents to limit their use of electricity between the hours of 3 - 7 p.m. today (Thursday, July 30, 2015). Electric demand this week has reached three consecutive July records, and ERCOT expects demand to be even higher this afternoon and evening." - Vicki Pitluk

Read the press release from ERCOT for full details and suggestions:

Help Wanted | Full-Time Administrative Assistant for Rockport Country Club | Deadline: Open until filled

Rockport Country Club is seeking a full time Administrative Assistant. High School diploma/GED, prior experience required. Duties include, but not limited to maintaining office calendars, compiling newsletters, updating mailing list, correspondence and emails. General knowledge of basic office equipment. Some bookkeeping knowledge required. Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite. Strong customer service skills. Ability to multi task. Please email resume to or mail to P.O. Box 1539, Rockport, TX 78381. Rockport Country Club is an EOE.

0 Boating Adventures | "A Little Water Never Hurt Anyone" | Story and Photo by Vicki Totten

Drip. Drip. Drip...drip. This was the sound I woke up to - accompanied by a sudden experience of something wet on my pillow. As I slowly began to remember where I was, I began to track down the source of the wetness. I was sleeping on our sailboat in the quarter berth, which is right beside the companionway. On a boat, the companionway is the stairs leading out of the cabin and at the top of it is the door to the outside of the boat. The way our companionway doors work is that you have to first close the two saloon type doors before sliding the overhead portion shut. Apparently, however, this had not been shut tightly the night before, so the outside rain had joined me inside - on my bed.

The thing that continues to surprise me about discoveries such as this when I am on the boat, is just how little they bother me. Now my husband would tell you - but only if you pressed him - that if something bothers me, everyone is going to know about it. I say he wouldn't tell you unless pressed, because almost nothing bothers him - including the fact that I am always so vocal about those things that bother me. Maybe that's why our relationship has survived for 29 years - we just happen to fit together nicely that way. But based on my usual practice of being the one who normally would complain if she woke up in a wet bed and saw water dripping onto my bed, why didn't it bother me? To tell the truth, I'm not sure. But I think there is something about living on a boat that is helping me to become more tolerant of things not being exactly right. Maybe that's because if I didn't develop that tolerance, I wouldn't last very long living on a boat - even if we are just living part time on ours.

0 Adventures of the Yellow School Bus | STEP BY STEP RECIPE: "Are These Tortillas Homemade?" | Text and Photos by Candice Granger

In my house, if I say, "Who wants a tortilla?" All hands shoot up.  The tortilla is perfect for every meal....breakfast tacos, lunch wraps, dinner quesadillas.  In my opinion, you can't go wrong with the tortilla.


You can go wrong.

When you are not experiencing a soft, fluffy, warm, handmade tortilla you are doing it all wrong.  Why eat those flat, rubbery discs that are filled with all those preservatives and yucky stuff when it can be so easy to make your own at home?  I have searched, tweaked, and rewrote recipes over the years.  I have finally found one that I use over and over.  And by over and over, I mean like on a daily basis.

0 Rockport Little Theatre | "Calling All Directors!" | Contact Us Now!

Calling all directors! Rockport Little Theatre invites you to join us! Do you have a play you want to direct? We want to hear from you for our Spring 2016 show! Contact us now at (361)205-3974 or at