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0 Letter to the Editor | "Correcting the Record" by CJ Wax, Mayor, City of Rockport

Received Oct 23, Posted Oct 24, 2014, 2:31pm
Dear Editor

I’ve read with interest the coverage The Rockport Pilot and specifically Harley Hoot has provided on the ongoing issues regarding the renewal negotiations for the Paws & Taws lease with the Aransas County Navigation District. I take no position on the lease itself and feel confident that the officials of the Town of Fulton and the Navigation District will engage in open and public negotiations concerning this important issue, which affects all of us in the community.

With that said, I do wish to correct the record on some things quoted in the article that, I believe, may mislead the public as it relates to the City of Rockport. Mr. Moore’s letter states: “…the District did the right thing for both Aransas County and Rockport tax payers as well as our visitors by taking a facility that was poorly maintained and losing $150,000 per year to being $54,000 in the black…” 

The City operated the Rockport Beach Park as a service to the community for 25 years -- as it has done with all other municipal parks. In fact, the City continues to pay the debt service on both the Saltwater Pavilion and the Beachfront Pavilion, which this year amounts to $43,502. I would suggest that if that amount were the responsibility of the District instead of the City, “$54,000 in the black…” would be considerably less.

0 Barbara's Corner | 10/23/14

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