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0 PHOTO CHALLENGE! | Full "Moon Off" Photography Contest! *1st Prize Wins a Print by Stephen Fisher!* | Upload Deadline: Nov 17

A few days ago WWN Rockport put up on Facebook a teaser about having a “Moon Off” photography competition. Well…I love the idea, and we are going to do this! Here is your photo challenge:

1. The next full moon is November 14, 2016. Interestingly enough, it’s called the “Beaver Moon.” Back in the day this was the last full moon that the pioneers and Indians could use to set their beaver traps before winter really set in.

2. This contest is meant to be FUN and it’s open to everyone who “Likes” the WWN Rockport page on Facebook. That’s easy enough! Please don’t feel you might not be a good enough photographer to participate. I can PROMISE that you are more than good enough!


3. All you have to do is take a photograph of the moon on November 14, 2016. Email your photo to wwnimages@gmail.com OR post it in the comments below. Upload deadline is Thursday, November 17th by 10:00am CT. Don't forget to include a brief description of who, what, where, when, and how!

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0 Roving Reporter | "A Wingding of a Tropical Wing Ding" - $20,000 Raised! | 5 Photos and Text by Jeanette Larson

"Wings Rescue Center hosted its first major fundraiser on Saturday, October 22 at the Rockport County Club. Attendees enjoyed a sumptuous dinner, music by the Riptides, a silent auction, and more. A lively live auction sold the special centerpiece cake created by Melissa Bohannon. Also present was "Sydney," a rescued dove that serves as an education bird since he cannot be released back into the wild. Wings Rescue Center is raising funds to purchase land for a rehabilitation center. Approximately $20,000 was raised at the Tropical Wing Ding fundraising event." - Jeanette Larson

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0 Roving Reporter | "Whooping Cranes: Wonderful Winter Texans" | 3 Photos and Text by Jeanette Larson

As part of its Stewards of Nature lecture series, the History Center for Aransas County hosted Dr. Elizabeth Smith, a conservation biologist with the International Crane Foundation. Dr. Smith is based in Rockport and works with the whooping cranes in our area.

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0 Recorded LIVE | "Hey, It's That Guy up on the Water Tower" with Marc Peña | Episode 2

Recorded Live | "On Top of the Public Works Water Tower in Rockport" | Recorded Oct 24, 2016

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0 Code 3 ER and Urgent Care | Wall Breaking, New State-of-the-Art Emergency Room & Urgent Care in Rockport

400 N. Enterprise Boulevard.
Rockport, Texas 78382
Hours: ER will be 24/7/365. Urgent Care to be open 12 hours / day

Wall Breaking of First New State-of-the-Art Emergency Room and Urgent Care in Rockport, Texas

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0 Roving Reporter | "Gone to the Dogs" | 6 Photos and Text by Jeanette Larson

"For the second time this month the Rockport Community Aquatic & Skate Park’s zero-depth entry children’s pool hosted about a hundred dogs of all sizes for Doggie Dunk Duex on Saturday, October 22. Entry fees for the dogs supported the Humane Society and Adoption Center of Rockport-Fulton. Dogs of all breeds and sizes played together and enjoyed the water. After a swim, some dogs socialized with the humans and took time to get a little sun. Several dogs were available for adoption and enjoyed meeting potential adopters. Following the Doggy Dunk, the pool will be emptied and cleaned before next summer." - Jeanette Larson
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