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0 Press Release | City of Rockport, "City of Rockport Holds Planning Session"

Feb 8, 2:45pm: ROCKPORT, TX -- City Council, senior staff, and interested citizens took part in the City of Rockport’s all day planning session on February 2. City Manager Kevin Carruth presented a 43 point agenda that included topics ranging from ordinances to capital projects, annexation and levels of service, as well as a Sister City program and initial plans for the City’s Sesquicentennial Celebration in 2020. The workshop is not only one of the first steps in preparation of the FY 2016-2017 budget, but also provides direction and focus for the next five years.

3 Anthony's by the Sea Bed & Breakfast | Offering Romantic Dinners for Valentine's Day! ♥

Beth Burgess
732 S Pearl St.
Rockport, Texas 78382
Facebook Page

Offering our Romantic Dinners for Valentine's Day Serving Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday 1:30pm til 8pm. Call 361-729-6100 for *reservations (*must be made 24 hours in advance). Bring your favorite sweetie or a small group. We'll be serving on the lanai, weather permitting, or in our spacious dining room. Complimentary Bottle of Champagne Hot bread with Italian dipping sauce, Garden salad with choice of dressing 6 Choices of entrees and 2 choices of dessert. $85 for the couple.

0 Recommendation Needed | Quilters, and Sew-ers: Fabric Changing Color

Hello - I recently bought some grey fabric. Every time I iron it the fabric changes color, it gets much lighter, and then as it cools it goes back to the original color. Also, when I spray the fabric to iron it, the water makes marks on the fabric. I have had this happen before, but this is an important project and I'm worried...I think I see spots now? I'm not sure. Prewashing isn't an option for me on this project. Has anyone experienced this? Does this mean it's cheap, or bad fabric...something to stay away from? Thanks, Stephanie

0 Found Pet | "Sorry to report a beautiful white dead cat on 35..."

Sorry to report a beautiful white dead cat (large white cat with orange markings) on 35 going south mid way from the former JJ restaurant and Shempies. Have seen on side of road for about three days. - Joellen Simmons, 512-413-5514
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