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0 How-To Tutorial with Pictures: "Heavy Duty Hummingbird Feeder Ant Trap that Doubles as a 'Watering Hole'"

Here's the end product. Have you seen the Baltimore Orioles
drinking out of them on the WWN "Bird Feed" Live Cam?
A few folks (mostly folks who don't live in Rockport) have asked us what the white things are hanging above our hummingbird feeders on the "Bird Feed" live cam. They are 'easy-to-make' homemade ant traps that we fill with water to keep the ants and other crawling critters off of the sweet feeders.

You can buy reservoirs from a few local stores here in Rockport (not as easy to find elsewhere), but I have cracked several of these myself during washing, so I created a heavier duty version that would last me many seasons.

I do have a few feeders that have reservoirs that are built-in, but generally speaking the built-in reservoirs are pretty shallow, and therefore dry up quickly on extremely hot, sunny days. These are deep, so they can go several days without a refill.

1 Pet Adoption | Rockport-Fulton Humane Society: "Little Bit" Believes in Adoption

My name's "Little Bit" because I'm not very big, but I have a big story to tell about how I believe in adoption. Early this year, I had a litter of kittens when I was still a kitten myself. A lot of people don't know that cats can get pregnant as young as 5 months old, and females need to be spayed before that time.

Like many very young mothers, I had no family to support me. A kind person gathered me and my kittens up and took us to the Humane Society where they gave me a nice cage to keep my kittens safe and raise them.

0 Rockport-Fulton Chamber of Commerce | "HummerBird Celebration" | Sept 18, 3-5pm, Sept 19, 9-5pm, Sept 20 9-5pm, Sept 21, 10-1pm

Join us for the 26th Anniversary of the HummerBird Celebration. This event celebrates the spectacular fall migration of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds, the stars of the show. The Celebration offers something for everyone, from backyard birders to more experience birders who can expand their knowledge of birds. Topics and activities are available to meet every interest. For more information visit or stop by the Chamber of Commerce at 319 Broadway, Rockport, Texas 78382.

0 Roving Reporter | A Gorgeous Early Morning Shot of 35 & Little Bay | Photograph by Karen Cline-Tardiff

"It may be rainy, but it's still gorgeous." - Karen. Thank you for sharing Karen! Don't forget to click the image to enlarge your view.

0 Roving Reporter | "Baltimore Oriole" | Photograph by Bonnie Roller

"Baltimore Orioles are back in Rockport on their migratory journey. They love the oranges we put on our fence." - Bonnie Roller