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0 Recipe | "Fabulous Cheesecake" by Chelcie Oliver

"My grandmother Bulah Baker created this for my mom many years ago, it is so rich and yummy! My grandmother is one who inspired me to grow my business, Simply Sinful Bakery, I know she is smiling from heaven at my sharing family recipes." - Chelcie Oliver

  • 2 1/4 cup quick oats, uncooked

0 Roving Reporter | "Gulls (and Boys)" | Photo and Caption by Jeanette Larson

"Our gulls are gathering and picking out nesting places. Year-round residents, laughing gulls have a long breeding season and are generally the first we see gathering at Rockport Beach. Colonial nesters, they gather in groups that can reach into the thousands, creating shallow nests in dry areas. Even thought they are starting to pair up and figure out where they will nest, they don't lay eggs until early April. Be careful as you drive through Rockport Beach as some are more focused on finding a mate than on cars passing through."

0 Roving Reporter | "Bird Brains Learn in Rockport" | Article and 7 Photos by Jeanette Larson

The International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council (IWRC), based in Oregon, usually only holds its prestigious class, Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation, in Houston when it is offered in Texas. But thanks to a lot of begging, and the promise to fill a class, Wings Rescue Center President, Kay Adams, was able to entice them to hold a session February 18-19 at the Aquarium at Rockport Harbor. The first time offering sold out quickly and attracted people from Georgetown, Houston, and the Rio Grande Valley, in addition to several staff members from the ARK in Port Aransas. Also present were volunteers with Wings Rescue Center who will provide rehabilitation services once the local facility opens later this spring.



0 The World According to Bella | "Wintry Greetings"

Mrs. S’s voice woke me up from a sound sleep. I was having just the best dream running down the beach, ears flapping in the breeze, chasing birds and waiting for Mr. C and Mrs. S to catch up. But it seems like Mrs. S thought I needed to hear a weather report. When I heard -17 I wasted no time outside, did my business and promptly went back to my warm bed skipping breakfast. I decided to wait for the promised warm-up before venturing back out. Just as Mrs. S was telling me Rockport’s warm temperature for the day I fell back to sleep hoping to finish off my nice dream.

15 Farrell Electric Service | "No Job is Too Small!"

Kevin Farrell, Owner & Electrician
115 Bufflehead Lane
Rockport, Texas 78382

I am a licensed Electrical Contractor serving the central and south Texas area. I take great pride in my work and reputation. I am experienced in commercial and residential electrical work from new construction to service calls. Free quotes. No job is too small.

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