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0 "Are Your Eyes At Risk of Macular Degeneration?" By Dr. Mitchel Wess, P.A.

As time goes by more and more of us hear about or become more aware of an eye condition called “macular degeneration” (specifically: Age-related Macular Degeneration - AMD). It is a progressive eye disease that affects the central vision needed for daily activities like driving or reading, sparing the peripheral vision.

AMD is the leading cause of legal blindness for people over the age of 55 in the Western world. One in ten (10%) over the age of 60 have some form of AMD and one in four (25%) for those over 70.

GREAT NEWS! The most devastating form of AMD is treatable! You just have to catch it at the right time! In the past decade new and effective treatments for “wet” AMD have developed. These treatments can arrest the disease – but the doctor has to catch it on time. There are also steps that can be taken to slow the progression of “dry” AMD as well.

Since family history plays a significant role in AMD, those affected or those with family members who have this disease can now learn of their own risk of progression or development through genetic testing. Macula Risk / Predict and Protect is a DNA test (simple cheek swab) that identifies individuals who may have inherited the disease causing gene. Patients who undergo this DNA test then receive a Macula Risk Score that identifies appropriate treatment and management protocols. As in so many systemic diseases, early detection is critical and usually plays a key role in minimizing life altering consequences.

If you or family a member has AMD act now to seek out professional care from a qualified eye care practitioner who is familiar with this new diagnostic procedure. For more detailed information you may visit: www.macularisk.com

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