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2 Little Bay Sea Queens

Founded in 2000.

Little Bay Sea Queens is a community organization. The organization meets regularly, hosts charity events and appears in parades throughout the Texas Coastal Bend.

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Shopping for just the right Tiara and helping Juliet Wenger dress as one of the Queens is one of the most precious mememories I have of Juliet. We laughed and laughed!! Juliet was so excited to ride in the parade and do the wave!!! Chris, her husband, thought she was nutts, but he always went off chuckling at all the fuss we had going on. Thanks Barbara for taking time out to take Juliet to the festivities. It was an event Juliet truly enjoyed. She came home beaming!!!!


How lovely of you to remember our dear Queen Juliet. Her spirit is still a part of our Queendom along many other facets of our lives. In fact, I have a NPR commentary that she wrote which I'll share on the WWN ( Thank you for reminding us of those joyous days.

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