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0 Recipes | Jo's Family Recipe for Seafood Gumbo

Mix spices together and set aside

4t gumbo file powder, 2 t cayenne, 2t white pepper, 2 t black pepper, 2 t paprika, 1t parsley

1t basil leaves, 1 crushed bay leaf

A couple of pieces of pretty thick fish (maybe catfish, shark) whatever your favorite is cut into small pieces. 2 pounds of peeled and deveined shrimp, package of thawed crayfish tails, white lump crab meat, 1 to 2 cartons of oysters, any size and just about any other seafood you want to add.

2 c onion chopped, 2 lg cloves garlic chopped, 2 c celery chopped, 2 c green pepper chopped , 2 c okra cut into small pieces or you can use frozen cut okra, 1 lg can 1lb canned whole tomatoes crushed and drained and 2 c tomato sauce

1 c melted butter or margarine

1t = teaspoon 1c= cup

To make:

Saute veggies in 1 c melted butter then after they are done stir in ½ jar roux (I use Rajun Cajun Dark Roux) but use your favorite, 8 cups fish stock, and 2 c water boiling to roux …mix all together and pour in ½ bottle kitchen bouquet and 1 t liquid crab boil. Add dry ingredients to season. Add more cayenne pepper if you want a hotter gumbo.

Add seafood after the above has cooked for one hour…first fish then shrimp then crayfish and last okra and crab, oysters and any other seafood you want and cook another 20 min. Serve over your favorite rice and this freezes beautifully.

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