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0 "When Enough is Enough" by Kay Scott

I was home from college and it was Halloween. I’m the oldest of four siblings – two sisters and a brother. I was the only one in college and instead of “doing” Halloween my family was sitting around the kitchen table enjoying our time together.

The trick or treaters continually interrupted us at the front door, and it became an irritant. My brother – uncharacteristically – kept offering to answer it. He was 14 years old and usually had something going on to entertain himself.

At some point I realized that he was behaving in a manner I considered suspicious. I’d been his victim on many occasions, so I knew the signs. I decided to secretly follow him the next time the doorbell rang.

I hid around the corner to watch. Through the open front door I saw a young father, at the foot of the driveway, waiting for his two small children. I heard my brother say, “Hold out your hands and I’ll give you a treat.”

The children, a 3-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl, were at our front door holding their tiny little hands, cupped together, out to my brother. He was pouring honey from a jar into the outstretched hands of the small boy. The little girl was watching with a very concerned look.

I looked back at the proud unsuspecting father, who was about to get two little children full of honey, and then back at the children. I about to stop my brother when I heard the little girl plead, “I don’t want too much!”

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