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1 "Wake Up It's Snowing!" by Jo Blaylock

I had lived in Austin, Texas for many years and during one of those years it snowed. It had only done that a very few times in my lifetime. One of those years we had 3 young daughters who had not ever seen snow.

Well, guess what, it snowed. It was late at night and the girls were sound asleep and since I didn’t want them to miss the event I woke up each one and had them look out the window to see the miracle of snow in Austin, Texas. They were very excited and of course it was hard to get them back down for the night, but it was worth it to see the wonder in their eyes.

Well miracles of miracles it snowed again that same year so I went through the ritual again and this time I let them feel the snow coming from the air. We were not getting a lot of sleep that year but again, it was worth it.

Ok, I know, I am a glutton for punishment, but it snowed again and again I went to wake the girls. Only this time...their response was less than enthusiastic...I was met with “Ok Mom we know it’s snowing. Go back to bed.”

Have your own memory of snow in Texas? Share with us in a comment!

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Jo, The big snow of 2004 for SouthTexas. A memory that I and many others probably won't ever forget... short version.. picture a large woman in leopard print pj's blue slippers and camera, outside when my cat decides to shut the back door, it was still locked...out knocking on neighbors doors on Christmas Morning of all days trying to contact someone that could help me.. this is one my whole family wishes had never happened and glad there were no known pictures of this event. LOL I live in Rockport now and pray to see another snow here and hopes of another 100 pics of it. thank you for this memory

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