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5 WANTED: Electrician Recommendations

I need an electrician to do some relatively (hopefully) simple repair work, i.e., not a remodel or something that will require a City permit. Does anyone have a recommendation for someone 1) good, 2) reliable, 3) not too expensive?

Thank you,
Linda W.
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We have used Peter Senkulics of Coastal Services, a Master Electrician here in Rockport, several times this year and have been very happy with his work, reliability and pricing. Most recently he replaced two of our patio lights on Thursday last week. We can recommend him!

John Juhala

Peter Senkulics
Coastall Services
1703 Teal St
Rockport, 78382
361 729 9283


You might want to contact Holzman Electric Co., Inc. Master Electricians in Rockport for over 25 years, fully licensed and insured.
More information can be found at www.holzmanelectric.com

(361) 790=7449


I have use Michael Rodriguez he is reliably and pricing he had has done work in Lamer, Rockport and Holiday Beach he has over 30 years contact him at his cell.

cell (361) 695-2720


I have just the perfect guy. His name is Rick Gibson. Call me (Jill) at 512 626-8501 and I will be happy to introduce you.


I know the perfect guy....Rick Gibson. Call me (Jill) at 512-626-8501 and I will be happy to introduce you.

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