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0 "What's in a Name?" by Kay Scott

I’ve changed the name of the person in this piece to protect his identity. Oh wait, he already did that.

My son was a precocious kid. At the age of 2 he already had people calling him by a couple of different names. I think he liked all those names because he started changing them on his own. The first name he came up, with all by himself, was Drake. We were at the Briar Club in Houston, and he was swimming with lots of other kids. I kept hearing kids saying the word "drake." I thought it was a game like Marco Polo. When his hamburger came I got up from the table to call him to dinner. After calling him several times and not getting any response I yelled, "Drake!!!" He turned around right away. That’s how I learned his new name.

His second new name I learned when he wrote it on a name tag: "Hello, my name is Logan."

I had a meeting with his new teacher that fall. I kept calling him by his latest new name, forgetting that she wasn’t in on the deal. Finally, she said, "Do you have 2 boys?"

I was called back to her office a week later. Seems she was having a little trouble with the class. When the other kids found out that Drake was now Logan they all changed their names.

I don’t know what she thought I could do about it.

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