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0 Book Recommendations: "Night Road" by Kristin Hannah

Genre: Romance and Drama

"A book that brings your emotions alive about raising teenagers from both the teenager and parent perspective. Bring tissue! 

It is a great read and Kristin is able to write in a way that makes you feel like you know and can connect with the characters in her story. Not just this book. I have read 3 others and started my 4th one and she has yet to disappoint!"

"Alzheimer's Days Gone By" by Deanna Lueckenotte

Genre: Self-Help

"A short concise informative easy read for caregivers on the journey with Alzheimer's or other form of dementia. Book includes note sections after chapters, charts, bullet points, illustration and a chapter of caregiver journey's with Alzheimer's and finding the "light in the tunnel." 

Yes, I am the author of this book yet so many personal and professional caregivers have made contact with me to tell me how much the book has helped them and continues to help them in their journey with Alzheimer's so I thought this would be a great avenue to share this resource. Wishing you strength, courage and happiness with those in their days gone by!"

Recommendations sent in by Deanna Lueckenotte

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