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6 Recommendation Needed: Acupuncturist

Bill Sinkes is in dire need of a Acupuncturist. The four rods and ten screws in my back are no longer working.I need to try acupuncture as it really helped my migraine headaches years ago. I got a list of Dr.'s from the internet in Corpus, but I cannot find anyone who knows any of them. Need the Wonderful Women for sure on this one.


Bill Sinkes



Steve Canion is in Port Aransas and I know alot of people who really like him. Check out his website at www.energetichealthcenter.com. I never needed to use him, but heard good things about him. Hope this helps.


Thanks Linda! We will be sure Bill gets the word!


Dr. Elizabeth Hackelman is a chiropractor and also does acupunture. 727-1133

vicki pitluk


Elizabeth Hackelman is a very good acupuncturist. i have had very good results with her treatments.
Danah Corrigan
Essential Body Spa


Rockport Chiropractic and Acupuncture, Dr. Elizabeth Hackleman. Dr. E and her staff are fantastic helpful and knowledgable!
I highly recommend them!
Traci Poteet


I agree with the above commens. Dr. Elizabeth Hackleman is fantastic. Great, friendly staff.

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