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0 "Have a Nice Day" by Kay Scott

About the Author: Kay Scott (Rockport, Texas) is a Retired Senior Flight Attendent for Eastern Airlines, '67-'90, Based in DCA, ORD & ATL. Story Takes Place in 1973

“I remember you! You’re the one who poured coke in my shoe while I was serving coffee.” She had stopped at the table where I was sitting with my crew members. She and her crew members were looking at me. Was she still mad? Do I even remember this? It might have been me. Then again, she doesn’t look familiar. There’s laughter. I look around. It’s my crew members that are laughing. Some of hers are too, but not as heartily. What do I say? It depends. Do I make a joke? Say I’m sorry? Ignore her?  I smile, laugh, and try like the crazy to remember her.

She continues: “We were on a trip from D.C. to Atlanta and we were FULL!  It was a dinner flight and I was serving second coffee next to the galley. All of a sudden, I felt something wet running into my shoe.  I looked down and there YOU were on the floor of the galley, pouring coke into my shoe!”

This memory is keeping me from screaming in terror right now. I guess I’m thinking about what happened at lunch today, in Boston, because I’m desperate for mental diversion. If anyone sees how scared I am it could spread. The last thing I need is a plane-load of people who know I’m scared to death. Should I tell the rest of the crew? Why in the hell did the captain have to tell me that someone called the company to report a bomb on this plane? Worse yet, he said there’s every possibility that it’s a hoax and we’re going to continue to Miami. We’re not going to land! There is karma... continue reading

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