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0 Gardening Tips for April in the Texas Coastal Bend

By Kitty Angell
Aransas/San Patricio Master Gardener

In Texas, we do everything bigger and better! Can you imagine that we have over 5000 species of wildflowers? They’re not here just to look pretty. Along with native grasses, they help conserve water, control erosion, and provide a habitat for wildlife.

The Texas Highway Department (TxDOT) was organized in 1917. By 1932, the first landscape architect was hired to maintain, preserve and encourage wildflowers along the roadside cuts and fills. This has effectively expanded into today’s full scale wildflower management program.

Wild Flowers
Over 30,000 lbs. of wildflower seed is sown each year, providing our state with a wildflower blooming season that draws tourists from all over the country. Check out the TxDOT website at www.txdot.gov and select wildflowers under the travel menu. You might want to call the travel/wildflower hotline 800.452.9292 and plan a road trip to view these spring beauties. Continue Reading...

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