"Get the Most Out of Your Online Banner Ads: 4 Key Points" by Alicia R.

  • Marketing Accountability
  • Think About The Next Page
  • Tease Don't Cram
  • Consistency & Repetition

Marketing Accountability: Measure & Adjust

Purchasing web banners ads are a great way to reach customers who may not be aware of your business and its services. Unlike placing an ad in a static newspaper, web banners are more about getting surfers to interact with or click on your graphic. This interaction enables something that print advertising can’t provide: marketing accountability. 

Most companies that offer online advertising are able to provide you with an abundance of data, including the number of times your graphic was viewed (aka “impressions”), and the number of times it was clicked (aka “click throughs”). Concrete data is an integral part of a successful strategic marketing plan because no company should be putting money into advertising that doesn’t get results. The only way you know if marketing is working is if you have concrete data to answer that question.

No one can predict exactly how a demographic will react to your campaign. Online marketing data like “click through rates” (or CTR) also allows you to modify your efforts to produce even better results in the future. So, if you begin your campaign with three different graphics, and one out shines the others in its CTR then you’ll know to lead with that graphic and ditch the rest.

Think About The ‘Next Page’

So if the premise of online advertising is to get people to click on your graphic, this begs the question: Where are they going? Excellent question...and something that you should give a lot of thought to if you want your banner marketing to be successful. When people click on a banner they expect that the banner’s message is going to be elaborated on the next page. Sometimes this ‘next page’ is referred to as a “splash page” or a “landing page.” Your web banner and your landing page should aesthetically match--in color, fonts and message. This gives the surfer a seamless transition from one page to the next, and gives you a leg up on delivering your message. It always helps to work with a designer that has online marketing experience specifically, so that you can utilize their experience in your efforts.

No website? As you might have guessed, as a web designer, I’m a huge advocate for professionally designed websites; they can make all the difference! I’ve seen poorly designed websites sink a company, and professionally design websites breathe new life into stale businesses. But, if you don’t have the funds for a professionally designed website, you can still advertise online. Point surfers to your social media pages, like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Perhaps you post a “Deal of the Day”--that info easily becomes an appropriate “splash page”--just as long as it’s crystal clear to your audience that that particular page is the final destination.

Tease Don’t Cram

One of the mistakes I see in online advertising are folks trying to fit their entire message or mission into a tiny web banner. This tends to look sloppy, and doesn’t lend itself well to the quick world of online browsing. It’s far more effective to stay concise. Lead with the general sentiment or message (50% OFF, Coming Soon!), and then suggest they click for more detail. Sometimes this is referred to as "link baiting." This also results in more viable leads because people who click are actively seeking more information about your event, good or service.

Consistency & Repetition is Very Important

While no one wants to deplete their entire budget on advertising, one time ads simply aren't enough. Ever find yourself humming a business's jingle in the shower or remembering an ad that keeps popping up on your computer? Chances are you saw the ad more than once. When doing online marketing, as with any marketing, consistent branding and repetition is key. The more your branding remains consistent, and visible to your key demographic the more business will result from your advertising efforts.

These are just a few tips on how to get the most out of your web banner ads. Good luck!

Alicia R. is the Owner of The Branding Arsenal, a fully inclusive web / print / graphic design, marketing and consulting firm based in Rockport, Texas.


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