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0 The World According to Bella: "Bella’s last day in Texas"

"30 days here has gone by fast. I've settled in quite nicely and have my routine down. Now they want me to leave. Just as I was getting used to being outside all day long, going to the park and walking along the beach. But Mr. C and Mrs. S tell me I will really like our next out of the way stop (which reads to me like another long, long car trip) Mississippi. Hey, I even spelled it right!

To keep myself occupied while they scramble around packing I decided to make a list about what I leaned visiting Texas.

  • I can never catch those darn cats
  • Everyday is a “bad hair day”
  • Everyone stops and calls me “a pretty dog”
  • Some places let me inside and are generous with doggie biscuits
  • A fenced in yard is like having a giant playpen
  • I am a way bigger size than most dogs here
  • When highly motivated (like to catch a bird or cat ) I can open the screen door on my own.
  • It is possible to shed one’s winter coat in 30 short days
  • Mrs. S is capable of writing lots of blogs when “housebound”
  • Everyone and I mean almost everyone here drives a pick-up
  • I think there are more RV and trailers here than in Florida
  • You need a birding book to figure all the birds’ names
  • I hear “Y”All come back” a lot
  • We are called Winter Texans
  • Everyone is real friendly and waves to us a lot
  • I have yet to catch a bird
  • Mr. C and Mrs. S take real good care of me

Wish me luck sitting in the van for all those long, long hours. I just hope this place they call Mississippi is good."

Love, Bella
Sue Ready is from the Twin Cities, MN. She and her husband and their yellow lab, Bella were recent visitors to Rockport. Sue’s blog can be found at: Her blog covers recipes and other life experiences. Her dog Bella, blogged their Texas adventures starting with posting January 28, 2012. Sue recently submitted her recipe for Turkey Tetrazzini with Minnesota Wild Rice to the WWN.

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