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1 "Adventures in Turkey, I Mean Monterey"

San Jose was cold and rainy. Not the weather to walk around so the Fabulous Foursome, Diana, Darlene, Winnie and I rented a car. A scrumptious breakfast at a place called Scramblez readied us for the drive to Santa Cruz, a walk on sand dunes and on down the Pacific coast to Monterey.

Eating, usually a number one priority, led us to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory on Cannery Row. I don't think John Steinbeck would recognize the place, now filled with hotels, shops, apartments.

Satiated with chocolate, we marched onward to the adjacent shops for quick peeks at their offerings, that is until we walked into a Turkish delight aptly named Turkish Bazaar. Amazing boots, beautiful dishes, gorgeous Turkish rugs and a kind shopkeeper from Ephesus who turned our visit into a magic carpet ride.

As we tried on wildly embroidered boots, which were 'must haves' Suleyman entertained us with Turkish history, stories of his life there and in the States (he's lived in Dallas, has friends in Corpus). He served us Turkish tea and talked to us about rugs, ancient and new, what regions they came from, how old they were, what they were made of, the history behind the designs. Before we knew it the day had passedand time to head back to San Jose. Thank you Suleyman for your wonderful hospitality.

- Barbara Gurtner

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Absolutely loved the story...you should tell more of them. A story about the Sea Queens would also be fun to read...with photos and all.

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