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1 "Bad Scout"

By McKenna Kuhr

Before you read on, I stress that all is well NOW...

I get home every day and take off the clothes to crash in front of TV before 2nd wind kicks in and while I change, the girls (dogs) get to go out for potty. Well today I call them back in and there is no tiny Chihuahua "Scout." She is GONE!  I'm literally in the backyard in my scrappy nightgown about to have a heart attack and thank goodness I put that dumb bell collar on her, because I heard her, saw her sneaky self through the pickets, in my neighbor's yard behind me. (That would be the neighbor with killer attack dog who does not play well with others.)  So I call the neighbor from my cell, as I race out the door in a bathrobe. Thank goodness she picks up the phone and there's no lock on her gate. I think I drove 94 mph from the 1/4 block of my house to hers, remove a ton of cinder blocks at her gate, rush in fighting off her dog (who does love me, thank goodness) and then see my Scout cowering in the corner.

Neighbor dog had Scout cornered "for fun" and when I got to her, she acted as if she was about to run another direction. I stomped my foot and made the loud stupid sound that goes "blat" and she froze in her tracks. I grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and with heart racing, I realize neighbor's 20-something son is in the house and is likely watching my dumpy a** in a bathrobe panic in his backyard with no idea what's going on. I take my bad bad dog and replace all cinder blocks, get back in the car hoping to God nobody sees me. Then, I came home and told her she'd never be let outside again. (Then I grabbed a spare picket and hammered it to the "danger corner." No escaping ever again!) 

My blood pressure is still through the roof and these pictures are the best I can come up with for guilt face. This will take me 3-5 years to get over, I am certain!

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I had a little "Scout" who would climb over the fence...always an adventure! LOL Thanks for the chuckle.

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