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0 Book Recommendation: "Wind, Sand, and Stars" by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

By Sue Hastings

Genre: Fantasy and Non-fiction

"Actually this is a suggestion for TWO books as ONE selection for a book club discussion. Saint-Expuery wrote both "Wind, Sand, and Stars" (for adults) and "The Little Prince" (for children) about the same event in his life. He was a pioneer commercial pilot who went down in the Sahara. The "children's" book might be seen as his hallucinations while in the desert. Or not. That's what builds a great book club discussion!

Both books have stayed with me over the years. Many people know "The Little Prince," but perhaps fewer know "Wind, Sand, and Stars" which is every bit as moving. Also, the Prince move with Gene Wilder as the Fox and Bob Fosse as the Snake is wonderful!"

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