Barbara's Corner | 5/10/12

Barbara Gurtner, Founder
Here’s a Few Things You May Like to Know!

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

NEW information and news that comes to us is posted (listed) on the WWN Website each & every day!

When you open the WWN Website you’re on the "homepage." As you scroll down the page you will find the latest news and articles. At the bottom of each page is a blue arrow that you 'click' [your mouse] on to take you to earlier published news until you arrive at articles you’ve read previously. That means, that all the news is there for you 24/7!  Have our news "feed" (aka news stream) funnel into your favorite website homepage like Google, Yahoo or AOL. Click here to select one!

You don’t have to wait until Thursday for the WWN Newsletter. Thursday is the day that we ‘announce’ all the news in our email Newsletter for the week, just to make sure you saw it all. But you can read the latest headlines every single day by going to

Where are the ads? You'll see banners and boxes at the top, bottom and right sides of each page, which you can click for more information about a business, organization or event. You can easily find all your favorite businesses, shops, services, and organizations listed in the directory at the upper right of the page.

...OR you can type the name into the ‘search box’ at the top right above the directory and all articles with that name or keyword(s) will appear below. Choose the one you want to read and click on it.

When businesses/organizations have news they wish to share, the information will be on the WWN website, including: announcements, openings, coupons, sales information/events, hours changes...anything taking place that you want people to know about! What a great way to keep up with the latest happenings!

These news events are submitted to the WWN as either a "Community Event" (Non-Profit Events) or an "Upgraded Business Listing" (For-Profit Sales Events), and get sent out in the WWN email Newsletter to over 2000+ recipients, approx 240 fans on Facebook and approx 110 followers on Twitter! That's a lot of eyeballs!

Not too sure of yourself on the computer or how to maneuver around the website? Play around for a while. Use your mouse to move the cursor or arrow on top of something and press or ‘click’ the left button on your mouse to find out where the link takes you. You can always go back to where you just were by clicking the "back" (left) arrow at the top of your screen (browser), the blue arrows at the bottom of the page, or just click 'home' to go back to the beginning. Clicking the links in the colored boxes at the top of the page will take you to new pages to read and explore!
Want to see the news in larger type? Look for the AAAAA   Just click on one of the A’s above the first news article and you’ll change the type size to suit you! Pretty neat! Read more tips at Site Features and FAQ.

Have fun playing and exploring what is quickly becoming the most popular Community Newsletter in the Texas Coastal Bend!


Founder, Wonderful Women’s Network
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