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6 Recommendation Needed: Someone to do Etched Glass Door Panels

of Glass Etching
I am looking for someone in the Rockport area that does glass etching for door panels.


Carol Rice

Know someone? Please leave a comment on this post for Carol.



We had the same challenge but, unfortunately, it was ten years ago- so my info may not help you at all. We got lucky and found a local guy, Laylis Leonard, who was good and very reasonable. The last number I have for him is 729-6691. I also had a customer in the shop who purports to be good and reasonable- John Reeves, 361-293-5759, Sweet Home, Texas, Sorry, also several years old... Jean Chilcoat, Paradise House


I also recommend Laylis Leonard - very talented guy who has done some amazing work for us very recently. If you can't reach him by phone, give me a call and I'll ask him to contact you 210 861 0269 - or stop by Pop's Tavern and Cafe in Lamar. You can see some examples of his work there.


Got this info from my boyfriend's mom who does stained glass work locally! Figured she might know someone! Cathy,the owner at McInturfs in Corpus does it.Number is 361-883-2331 they are located at 5 pts at 1625 S. Alameda in Corpus Christi Tell Cathy Chris Fletcher gave you her number!
~Abigail Hutchinson


Kathy Binney that used to live in Port A did lots of stained and etched glass all around the Coastal Bend. I contacted her and she said "As far as etched doors, tell them to call Glasshaus in Corpus......tell them Kathy sent them."


Or, if you are open to something a little different, check out


Hi, I realize this has been several years ago. Did you find someone? We just moved to the area and etching is what I do. check out my facebook page if you are still interested, or know of someone who is. deborah peters creations. Thanks!

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