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3 Recommendation Needed: Steam Mop

I'm curious to know if any Wonderful Women (and Men) are using steam mops to clean hard surface flooring -- and how they like them? 

I'm considering purchasing one to use on ceramic tile floors. 

Pros? Cons? Recommendations? Thank you!



I use the exact one in that picture. It cleans well, but to truly disinfect, you have to move it very slowly, hovering about 2-3 seconds. We use it once or twice a week and then a Mr. Clean magic eraser mop with Mrs. Meyers floor cleaner once or twice a week to get equal parts disinfecting and cleaning to leave a good smell. The steam mop does not have a smell.


I have used a Hoover(I think) hard surface floor cleaner. I has rotating heads that scrub the floors , and a tank for a cleaning liquid,I have cleaned houses for a living for over 25 years , and this is what I would recommmend. I wouldn't use a steam mop as it doesn't get in the cracks. Lola


I use the Shark Vac and Steam! I love it, easy to use and cleans great!

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