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1 Letter to the Editor | "Red Shouldered Hawks Return to Nest in Rockport"

Photograph by Ray Owens
Hello Digital Friends,

The "Red Shouldered Hawks" returned to nest in the same pine tree in West Terrace. Last year they fledged 3-chicks; one of which later died.

This year only 1-large chick can be seen in the nest. It has been climbing all over the pine tree, and will soon fledge.

Benny, the wonderful older woman who lives there was again hit by one of the hawks, and again had to go to the doctor.  She still seems proud of her hawks. I advised her to try an umbrella.

The pine tree is located at 1209 Mallard in West Terrace, Rockport. A report on the "Tropical Kingbirds" in the HEB parking lot will follow.

Cordially, Ray Owens

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That is totally awesome we will be going to see it

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