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5 "How to Survive the Texas Heat" by...YOU!

We recently heard how New Yorkers were suffering from heat exhaustion and being taken to the hospital. Pishhhhh...and they were only nearing 90 degrees! ;)

Well, when you are in South Texas and it hits 105 degrees, with no wind…You have to get creative!

What do you and your family do to survive the South Texas heat?

Share your solutions, help out your neighbors and our cities' summer visitors...as this is going to be (and already is) a scorcher of a summer!

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Little plastic pools! …the only thing is you must replace the water ever so many hours during the day as the water gets too hot. Playing in the water sprinkler really works much better in South Texas because the water stays cooler for them. The animals seem to enjoy it too! I have even seen kittens playing in the water and that is a sight to behold!


I think the thing I learned when I moved here was to always wear a lightweight, FULL brimmed hat. Not really the style up North, but here, it's a must have accessory!


When I'm out and about away from the house, I carry a spray bottle to spritz my feet and face. It's amazing how a little sparkle of water on the tootsies can cool you down! I love the heat so much, I have more trouble keeping warm in the a/c than I do keeping cool outside!


I want to lay in a big pile of ice, but I can't. So I embrass the heat. We are here, we love South Texas , the heat is part of it.. I will take this glorius sunshine over the depressing rain of the west coast any old day.


Not necessarily a heat tip...but you just can't go anywhere in Rockport in the summer without bug spray....coming from up north, I learned this very fast! Also, I found that carrying a dryer sheet in your pocket to keep the bugs away works really well!...Avon actually makes a great sunscreen + SPF lotion that kills two birds with 1 stone!!

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