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5 Recommendation Needed: Roofer and Gutter Person

I would like suggestions for a good roofer and gutter person. I need both and I'm not having much luck on my own.

Thanks, Kelly Herzog
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I would call HYNES SERVICES, INC! They are excellent & do both! Their number is (361) 729-7180. Tell them Abigail @ C-Side told you to call!


Thank you very much!


Randall's Construction and Mainenance (361)205-0101. Excellent work done for a reasonable price.


This might not be as helpful as finding the right roofer but hopefully help avoid the wrong roofer. Do NOT to hire Jerry Miser (dba: Metal Time Roofing or Americana Roofing and Construction). While I checked out his references, most were unaware at the time that he left their roofs unfinished and they were unable to get windstorm certificates. He took a deposit from me in November 2011 for over $13,000.00 (it is customary to make a deposit on a metal roof since the metal is custom cut), did no work, bought no materials and now cannot be located. There is currently a warrant for his arrest but his past history shows that he turns up again with a new business name when he believes that the heat has died down. I have hired 5-Star Roofing out of Corpus. They have an excellent BBB rating and did a great job on my house. They will also be doing the roof on my commercial property.


Thank you. Good point -- don't want a bad one. I have contacted both the companies above and Randall's has given me a call back. I meet with them today. Thanks all on the WWN for the connection.

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