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1 The World According To Bella | "Southern Hospitality"

"Lucky me, I knew just where to find my Texas outfit. The hat and bandanna are from my Rockport visit in February. Mr. C and Mrs. S (my owners) have promised me a return trip next month to visit our friends. But I wonder if I can handle the Texas summer heat with a fur coat. At least now I know where to find the best places in town for water and biscuits.

Remember me? I am Bella, the yellow lab who blogs at The WWN posted one of my blogs in February. It was a list of the top ten things I learned visiting Texas. Southern Hospitality was right at the top. On day two of our visit we went to the Chamber of Commerce. As I was resting patiently on the front porch for Mrs. S a real nice lady came to the front door. She asked if I would like to come inside. I looked around, surely she must mean someone else. Inside she held out this enormous jar of doggie treats. I got a biscuit and gave her my best puppy dog tail wag. Well, I had barely finished licking the crumbs off the floor when a man comes over and offers me another treat. Now, I ask you who am I to turn down a second biscuit! In my book true southern hospitality.

Could life get any better? It did. While walking around town a sign: Friendly Well Behaved Dogs Welcome Here caught our attention.Well I was that kind of dog and practically dragged Mrs. S through the door. Just as I spied a water dish, a man appeared offering me a biscuit. 

Can you imagine me being allowed in a aquarium? Back in Minnesota, well behaved or not, it would be off limits. I wasn't sure what to expect but found having long legs really helped. I could see what was in all the tanks. The leopard spotted eel was one of my favorites. I was on my best behavior the whole time.

Despite having my share of biscuits that morning my tummy was growling. Mr. C got my attention with the announcement of lunch. He wanted to try this restaurant in a nearby town. Again that southern hospitality thing with the sign in the window that said: Pet Friendly (which to me really means dog friendly). Guess what? I was able to dine what Mrs. S called al fresco which meant to me outdoor dining on a deck that overlooked a pier.

Life in Texas couldn't get any better that day for me. But little did I know I was about to see something so scary that I would be sent to the van for causing so much commotion. But that's a story for another day."

(Sue Ready)

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Bella is just like my Daughters family Dog (Tinker Bell). She was in our Family many years & some nights she would get out of fence go to Circle K-was given a weiner & came home. One night(after several years)she never came back, someone probably has her as she grew up w/ the Grandkids when she was a puppy. Bella probably is the same way with kids & very smart also & she is very pretty.

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