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0 5 Fun & Amazing iPad/iPhone Apps! | Part 1

Shazam (FREE)
Ever been in a store, and just can put your finger on the name of the artist singing the song over the PA? Shazam scans the music playing and identifies the name of the song and artist in a matter of seconds! It's pretty amazing...I actually did this very thing in Panjo's not that long ago, and it worked even though the music was playing softly! Also, they have started using Shazam's technology as a marketing strategy. Look for it on TV commercials! I credit the Juhala's for introducing this to me in my last social media class at RCA!  View on iTunes

Police Scanner 5-0 Radio (FREE)
This app gives you an insight into what's happening in your city. You can even listen remotely to cities miles away! Pretty impressive. View on iTunes

8mm Vintage Camera ($1.99)
This is a super fun app that let's you take video in various decade styles! I actually gave this app to a few cousin's over Christmas, and they had a great time interviewing people with this app, and changing the filters....so it's very easy to use! View on iTunes

Flipboard (FREE)
Have a hard time keeping up with all your favorite websites, blogs, and social media pages? This is an awesome app that collects all your channels and formats them into a magazine layout for you to browse through! You can even turn the page like a real magazine! Great for curling up with a great...screen! View on iTunes

SkyView (FREE / Upgrade Version Available)

Skyview is one of those apps that will WOW you and your kids or grandkids. This app scans the sky from your point of view as you wave it around in the air. You will not only see stars, but with a touch of the object, the app shows you constellations, planets...even the International Space Station and the Hubble Telescope!...Talk about getting kids excited about astronomy! View on iTunes
by A. Ross

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