5 Reasons Online Advertising is More Effective (and Better) Than Print Advertising

Think your company can afford to skip online marketing? Think again. The benefits of web marketing over traditional advertising are numerous. Keep reading for five arguments that will change your mind...or simply serve to reaffirm your current marketing strategy.

1. Global Reach (...but that doesn't mean you can't advertise on a local level!)

Today, people have access to the Internet almost anywhere in the world. By marketing your products and services online, your business can reach a global audience. Some people's reaction might be: "I only want to promote my business locally." The beauty of online marketing if that you can TARGET your audience, and also have measurable outcomes with analyzable data (see reason 3).

In traditional advertising campaigns, your reach is
 limited to local populations; couple this with a decline in print circulation and you are faced with a significant decline in the number of engaged consumers who will view your ad...and even then, you don't know if they actual viewed your advertisement, or just had the newspaper throw on their front step. With online marketing, you are able to reach a wider audience and market specifically towards your specific consumer base--whether that demographic is women ages 65-71 in Texas, or men 45-55 in Aransas County, specifically. Companies that offer online advertising, like Google, Yahoo, and Facebook, know how valuable targeted marketing is, and thus, make it very simple for business people to view and analyze that data with 'analytics', 'statistic' and 'insight' plug-ins. Advertisers can then use that data to tweak future campaigns with even more success!

2. Mobility

The number of devices which allow us to connect to the Internet is growing at an incredibly rapid pace. Nearly everywhere you turn, people are tuning in and jumping on to mobile technology--whether it be a laptop, a tablet, a smart phone, a TV...or even a watch! No longer does a consumer have to sit in front of a desktop computer to be online. The beauty of online marketing is that it goes wherever the consumer goes, unlike traditional modes of advertising. When compared with mobile devices, print newspapers and magazines can be cumbersome, not to mention wasteful! Think of it like this, I might be a Texas business woman traveling in Belgium--or just to Victoria for the day, and I might be interested in a spa pedicure coupon I see on my smart phone, to use this weekend...print advertising would most likely miss those type of mobile consumers all together. Even tourists driving around downtown, Rockport are more likely to Google "coffee shop" on their smart phone than read up a magazine. You may think that this is my opinion, but again, my data says otherwise.

3. Measurable Outcomes

Online marketing offers measurable results that print advertising just can't. I'm a stat junkie. I admit it. I think I'm drawn to the psychology of advertising...why folks click on something, why one page gets more traffic than another. BUT I'm then able to take that information/statistical data, and use it to better my future efforts for even more effective results next time. Print advertising just can't offer that type of marketing assistance. With online advertising I am able to see the results of my efforts with actual data...and you will be able to too!

4. Cost-Effectiveness

In general, marketing online is much cheaper than traditional advertising approaches. The price of newspaper advertisements can often fill up a company's entire marketing budget and vary greatly depending on the region and newspaper in which the ad appears. For example, a full-page magazine ad (depending on the publication) can range anywhere between $5,000-$20,000+. The costs for full page ads drop significantly for local newspapers/magazines but despite which newspaper or magazine your business' ad runs in, it is important to note that decreasing circulation numbers across the United States jeopardizes your overall advertising reach. In contrast, online marketing plans can start at as little as your budget allows--literarily pennies a day (if not free through social media) and has the potential to reach an unlimited number of online consumers...many of whom have never been introduced to your business.

5. Targeted Audience

Traditional advertising campaigns are unable to offer precision marketing and precise statistical information about individual consumers. Take, for example, mass mailings. If your company mails 10,000 flyers to a local area, chances are only those individuals looking for your business or type of service will actually read the flyer. Everyone else will toss it into the "junk" pile. What a waste! This waste of resources quickly adds up, especially if you are sending out several mailings per month. 

Internet marketing is vastly more effective when you consider its
ability to target a specific segment of the population. For example, if you are promoting a juried art exhibition, then it would make sense to target artists or people interested in art; online marketing can place your ads strategically on sites and pages that would attract or are frequented by your specific consumer demographic.
by A. Ross

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