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0 Aransas County Service Center | Mosquito Control Unit Hot-Line

(First posted 4/17/2013)

Great news everyone! For mosquito problems, or to request a spray, there is now a Mosquito Hot-Line available to call in the Rockport-Fulton area:

(361)727-0606 (ex. 29)

"Even when mosquitoes are determined to be in an area, spraying must be timed so it will be the most effective. To prevent unwanted drift, spraying usually occurs during late afternoons and/or early mornings. At those times there is an air temperature inversion and air movement is usually at its lowest. It is also when most mosquitoes are at their activity peak."

Be in the Know: What Pesticides are They Spraying?

"Malathion and Biomist™ [permethrin & piperonyl butoxide, the active ingredients (source)] are the insecticides we use."Aransas County Mosquito Control

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