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0 "City Girl Moves to the Country" | A Series of Tales [2]

This story is more about my husband than about me, although I was there to take the photo.

After a lifetime of being a hunter’s wife, my husband finally gave up the sport and became a lover of animals of all kinds. By the way, let me say that we always ate what he shot as we had four children. We were always able to feed them grandly from the meat that was brought home by my husband.

We had wild turkeys, deer meat, sausage, wild pig, fowl...you name it we had it! Well, after moving to the country and living with all sorts of animals (that will be another story) my husband began to put out deer corn for them to eat. Slowly, the deer would come to the corn and eat. At first, the only deer that would come were does. So, one day, my husband decided to call the deer right after he put the feed out, and sure enough a couple of doe came right up to the feed.

Well, says he, if it works that good I wonder if they will eat out of my hand. So he got a pan and put the feed in it. He called and here came the very cautious deer. Low and behold one of the doe put her head in the pan and began to eat. Soon another came. We could see in the woods a buck standing watching, but he wouldn’t come to eat...he was too shy.

Day after day this went on and one day the buck came out of the clearing and stood there watching as his doe ate. Finally, he too came and ate out of the pan with the doe, side by side. This continued to happen until we finally moved.

Just another short story of city folks moving to the country. I can guarantee you that the local farmers do NOT feed the deer, as tame deer will eat their crops! 

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