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Carol D. Koutnik, a member of Wind Way Gallery on Austin Street in Rockport, Texas. Carol D. Koutnik has lived a life filled with visual arts.

She comes from immigrants of artists and craftsmen from “The Old Country” of Central Europe in the late 1800’s, to Chicago, Illinois.

Carol D. Koutnik, Artist
Her own migration took her from Chicago to most places in the United States as a United States Air Force wife, to Great Britain, back to Central Europe, and later, after the military, to live in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Koutnik took every opportunity to study great art in all parts of the world and to teach all she learned. After finally settling in South Texas, she continued to travel to Mexico, back to Europe and Great Britain, and to teach in Guatemala.

Koutnik has been part of the Rockport gallery scene on Austin Street since 1998, Poster Artist for Rockport Center for the Arts in 2005 and a member of The Rockport 9. She’s a signature member of the Texas Watercolor Society, the Colorado Watercolor Society and listed in the archives of the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington D.C. Almost 3 years ago, she joined with 9 other women to begin a cooperative gallery at Wind Way Gallery for the purpose of promoting and exhibiting local art for the community and for our many quests to the Gulf Coast of Texas. It’s been a great experience and wonderful success!

From the 1960’s until today Koutnik’s art evolved from large Expressionist paintings to records of her travels in sketchbooks to watercolor paintings in her surroundings. Today she is returning to her Expressionist style in Non-Objective drawings stuffed with her long time studies of art and culture combined with her memories of what she loved most in her incredible life.

Watch for her new work in late fall of 2012—to be shown at her Studio 201 and Wind Way Gallery in Rockport.
by Carol D. Koutnik

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