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3 Defective Frigidiare Refrigerator | Have you had this Problem?

We recently bought a new Frigidaire refrigerator and almost immediately the wire shelves began to bow and all items fell towards the middle of the shelf. Frigidaire said it was because we had it too heavily loaded ...six small bottles of water, one bottle of wine, a quart of milk and a quart of orange ...not what I would call loaded. Have you had similar shelving issues with your new Fridigaire? Were you able to buy replacement shelves? - Linda



Yes! Just a few months old! So glad you posted this.


Not refridgerator but window a/cs lucky to last a year have haad sveral problems with them the last few years


Is your Fridge still under warranty & if so they should be replaced. You might asked the person who sold it to you to order new ones &/or asked to speak to the Owner/Manager or go directly to the Company. They should be able to help & always keep the Customer happy & Customer will return. Good Luck.

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