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7 Healthy Habits | "Where to Begin?"

by Kimmi Norvell

"I know we all want to eat better, exercise more, have more positive thoughts and live on the greener side of the fence. It can be overwhelming when you start getting into it all to decide on a route to take. Have there been times where you jump into a big change of diet and activity level, only to drop out because you're exhausted of trying so dang hard to be somebody you're not used to being? Yep, happens all the time, the same old story of the roller coaster dieting.

My advice? Take it one step at a time. Instead of saying, I'm never eating fast food, drinking sodas or smoking a cigarette again and I'm going to start exercising every day. Decide to focus on one. For instance, if you eat fast food three times a week, try just eating it twice and get tea instead of soda. Of course I don't recommend eating fast food but we've all got to start somewhere right? If you drink three sodas a day, take it down to two for a month or so and then lessen your intake until you just don't want or need it anymore. Chew a piece of gum for at least one cigarette and move to a natural organic tobacco or an electronic cigarette. Start walking once or twice a week and do some lunges or what I call "football drills" for as many yards as you can.

Changing isn't easy. I think it was best written by [folk singer] Ani DiFranco, "If you're gonna sit right down inside of yourself, you better have a comfortable chair." Remember to have patience with yourself and always do your best. Some days your best is better than others, but honoring where you are at any given moment will keep the frustration down. Look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself that you are loved, say it. I LOVE YOU! Feels silly at first but it can start to make a difference.

I welcome you to my new column on the WWN, where I'll be sharing tidbits on health, happiness and whatever else I'm inspired to share. I look forward to your comments and suggestions. Please let me know by commenting on this post if there's anything you'd like me to cover and I'll do my best!"
Kimmi Norvell is the owner of Coastal Bend Health Foods in Rockport, Texas.



Yay Kimmi! Adam and I are excited about your new column on WWN and look forward to reading your thoughts and soaking up your wisdom.


I liked the way you put this: "trying so dang hard to be somebody you're not used to being". That's so true!

Thanks Kimmi!


Congratulations on a wonderful start to your column, which will undoubtedly be one of the most inspiring and helpful pieces on WWN. WE LOVE YOU, Kimmi!!!


I'd be very interested to hear about your Yoga teaching!...How has it helped you. What do you hope others get out of your classes, etc. Thanks Kimmi!


I will for sure cover yoga...all the aspects! Thanks for everyone's support! I look forward to the next one!


Your article will help those of us who need to "release" whatever...... make a fresh start NO MATTER how many times it may take....know it's OK!!!! Keep up the "reminders"!!!


Thanks Kimmi We love You
the Victoria's

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