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3 Recommendation Needed: Assisted Living Facility / Adult Care

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I am gathering information for my Grandmother and am curious as to any thoughts and experiences with Gulf Point Village Assisted Living or any others in the Rockport-Fulton area. Also any home, adult care-taker recommendations.
Thank you in advance! - Alicia W.
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My dad, Ed Setterbo is in Gulf Pt. and they are doing a super job with him. I have close friends who have relatives in Oak Crest and Young St. and they like it there also. You may want to check out each one and see which one you and your loved one is comfortable in. I think that Gulf Pt. has physical therapy offered but I am not sure about the other two.


My Mom was there twice and the last time she died there. They were so kind and tender to her plus very respectful. She had to be fed and there was no time that I felt uncomfortable. They even tried to up the taste of the food for her taste. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


My mother in law was in Gulf Pointe Plaza until she expired recently. I've no doubt the Village is as excellent a facility and employs an equally compassionate and professional staff as does the Pointe. We couldn't have been more pleased with the care, compassion, love and attention given to Mom. Everything about the place far exceeded expectations.

While visiting area nursing homes, we were also impressed with Oak Crest on Young Street but chose Gulf Pointe due to its location in proximity to our home.

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