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2 Recommendation Needed: Moving to Rockport from San Antonio

I've read some past posts of recommendations for moving companies on the WWN and wondered if anyone else had another, more recent move from another city. I'm downsizing and also need a recommendation for a climate controlled storage facility. I need to move sometime by the middle or before the end of Sept... would really appreciate any suggestions!

Thanks, Ruth



For climate control storage, I recommend Fortress Storage. They don't have a website, but their phone number is: (361)729-9747. They are reasonably priced, and take care when it comes to bug control....I haven't had any problems with them. Just be sure you pay by the 5th, as they charge a hefty late fee!


We moved here from Minnesota 2 years ago and used Wheaton Van Lines. It was the biggest move we have ever done. We had many large items including a bar and stools plus all the items from a 2500sq ft home . We were given a high rated driver and we had no problems at all. The driver makes a huge difference as he is the leader for the move. Ours was wonderful and we lost nothing and no damage even to our many antiques. I would use them and highly recommend them.

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