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2 Rockport's Big Blue Crab Returns!

The Big Blue Crab, a long-time Rockport landmark, will soon be returning after many years absence. Those who remember and who loved the crab have been working for years to raise the funds to build another to replace the first crab that deteriorated long ago.

Rockport resident David Allgood, creator of the crab, fabricated the aluminum infrastructure and covered it with tinted fiberglass resin to make the new crab long-lasting. It will be installed at the entrance to the Rockport Beach Park on Thursday, Aug 23 with a formal presentation to follow shortly.



This wouldn't have been so bad if they kept it on the ground, but raising it off the ground makes it so garish.


I love it. Congrats to the folks who wave worked so hard to bring this bit of mid-century Rockport back to life. Better looking than the original this will be a must stop for every visitor to take a photo.

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