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0 Roving Reporter | "Who was Strolling on Austin Street Last Saturday Night?"

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If you were in the Rockport Heritage District Saturday between 5-7pm you might have seen blue sequins reflecting in the sunlight, red hair, pearls and long white gloves as some of the Little Bay Sea Queens strolled up and down Austin Street.

Should I say ‘sashay’? Oh yes they did, waving to passing cars, visiting with the merchants and other shoppers, checking out great buys—and Queens love great buys—my goodness there are so many new things.

Magpies to the bone, the Queens found gorgeous ‘bling’ sunglasses, bracelets and more at Maison. The beautiful quilts made by artist Susila attracted the Queens who found enchanting the children’s quilt with little monkeys and sock monkeys too! Witches, your new hats are in, along with the Halloween d├ęcor to die for (just a little macabre humor).

Maison’s little rickshaw made traveling up and down Austin street delightful. That Shiloh is one handsome dude with great muscles. Ohlala!

The Queens continued to score ‘major bling’ at Salt Flats Gallery. A great sale at The Flop House and Attitudes and Latitudes, fabulous jewelry and art at Estelle Stair Gallery...plus new ES tank tops and t-shirts! Wind Way Gallery is featuring Susie Black’s imaginative fabric art—there were new items in to replace the pieces that have been sold, so it was like a whole new show!

The band at Crazy Rusty’s was setting up to play, the breezes off the water were refreshing, and the Queens truly enjoyed an evening in the Rockport Heritage District.

Yours in Pearls and Rockport Ropers,
The Little Bay Sea Queens

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