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1 The World According To Bella | "Heat Wave"

"I feel baked, fried and lethargic. Guess the summer heat has gotten to me even though I live way up north. If only I could get rid of this fur coat. I am trying my best to keep cool at the lake by...
  1. Swimming and practicing my dog paddle
  2. Lounging on the porch guarding Mrs. S's flowers-it's called yard patrol
  3. Digging myself a hole in the driveway to keep cool in the dirt
  4. Going on evening pontoon rides
  5. Begging inside time for my AC fix

Yes, Minnesota is hot-hot-hot. Many of our days have been just as warm as Texas. Lately, I've been dreaming about our last winter Texas get away to the beach. I remember cool sea breezes, huge waves rolling into the shore, a big sandy beach with lots of tasty morsels and all those birds I so wanted to catch. Now that is what I called a piece of dog heaven.

I had lots of fun adventures exploring the Texas beaches but there were some real scary moments too. Once I got stung getting too close to a jelly fish. Ouch that hurt!! Another time Mr. C was not too alert and I was quick and snatched up a crab. Poor Mr. C went into a real tailspin. He was sure that was the end of me digesting a crab. But hey, I'm hardy and lived to tell my stories. Besides I'm not sure why he was so worried it was just one little crab. I heard there really aren't any shortages with over 90 kinds of crabs that can be found in and near the coastal Texas waters. So really what's one less!

But my best beach adventure was the day I got loose. Mrs. S was distracted watching some hang gliders land. She lost control of the leash and I took off after sandpipers. There was no stopping me. I was on a mission to catch those darn birds. I ran at a breathtaking speed dragging my leash behind. But sadly I was outsmarted and the birds flew away. Just as Mr. C caught up with me a huge wave knocked me into the water. I could feel the waves carrying me out to sea. I began to worry. My dog paddle didn't seem to be taking me anywhere. All I did was bounce up and down in the water. Just then Mr. C made an impressive dive into the water to rescue me. He grabbed me by the collar and pulled me into shore. Mr. C and Mrs. S decided they had enough of my antics and we left. I was dog tired and napped all the way home. But I wished I had seen the man with the funny gloves that said stop and go directing traffic to the ferryboat. 

For the time being my Texas beach memories will keep me cool.

Love, Bella
(by Sue Ready)

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That is the cutest story ever.

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