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0 City Girl Moves to the Country | "The Story of Cola"

By Nana B.

"L ike I have said before, I loved animals ever since I was a little girl, so living in the country gave me the opportunity to have all the animals my heart ever desired. Well, we decided to get our children a couple of ponies and a cart so they could learn to hitch up the ponies to the cart and ride around the property being pulled by the ponies Pico and Tico.

Unbeknownst to us Pico and Tico soon were to become the proud parents of a colt. The day the colt was born the whole neighborhood was standing at our fence watching the birth take place. That was something to behold. The way the colt came out and tried to stand up was just like watching a Disney movie. He would stand up and his little spindle legs would fly in every direction out from under him. His mom would nudge him and he would try again. Finally he managed to upright himself and got a standing ovation from the neighborhood audience.

The children named him Cola because of his cola colored spots and he became like a playmate to them. I am still not sure that he ever realized he was a pony. Anyway, one evening when it was really storming and the ponies were secure in their pole barn. Somehow the gate was left open from the barn area but not the one at the bottom of the drive by the street. Lightening begin to follow immediately after the thunder so we knew the storm was upon us. Just then I looked out as the lightening hit and saw Cola rear up and head out the open gate to the bottom of the hill.

City girl that I am, I ran out the door screaming for Cola to come back but, of course, he was too frightened to mind me. So, I ran down the drive to the bottom of the hill and picked up that pony and carried him up the hill back to the pole barn and his parents. Yes, I did shut the gate after me. I just remember thinking as I was carrying that pony through the storm that I felt like I was in that Disney movie we had talked about."

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