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5 Recommendation Needed: Ophthalmologist Performing Blepharoplasty

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I need a good recommendation for a doctor performing Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) in the Corpus Christi area. If any of you can recommend a doctor from your own experience or that of a friend, I would appreciate information. Thank you, Cindy
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I just posted on my Facebook looking for an eye surgeon. I have a tear duct that needs opening. A few references led me to The Berkley Eye Center and Dr. Erin Doe. Not sure if he does what you OR I need but his reviews and creditentials seemed pretty good. I will be calling them Monday.


I used Dr Boozalis in Victoria , I was most happy with the entire experience


Dr. Donald Hollsten in San Antonio was recommended to me by a friend whose elderly mother had blepharoplasty. Dr. Hollsten has excellent credentials with the plus of a sense of humor. Surgery went well and I'm very pleased with the results of my blepharoplasty and lower lid surgery. I've recommended him to another friend who has had her eyes done and is also happy with the results.


Thank you so much for your recommendation. I will need a doctor with a sense of humor, as I am so nervous about having this surgery! Cindy


Thanks, Lola. I greatly appreciate your recommendation and have looked him up online. I didn't get any recommendations from Corpus, so I will call him for a consultation. Cindy

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