Healthy Habits: "Hey Honey?"

Jars of Local Honey by
Rockport Honey Co.
By Kimmi Norvell

"Honey is one of those things that most people enjoy. We can have a nostalgic connection to that fuzzy little love of a bear, Mr. Pooh. Or if you're from the deep south; banana, peanut butter and honey sandwiches (or sammiches as we always say). I love the way honey smells, looks and tastes but not all honey is made the same. Unfortunately, not all honey is made by bees! We may be at a time in our lives where cutting corners is what we have to do but honey is not a corner to cut!

Owning the local health food store has given me the opportunity to learn loads about honey from our local beekeeper, Terry Carter. He looks like Santa and has the heart of Pooh so he's the perfect fit to be our Honey Man!

Terry can tell many o' stories about being a beekeeper and all the benefits and troubles he's seen along the way. He can tell you that bees have no supplement other than real plants and how he had to learn that the hard way. I've learned about Africanized bees through him and how they're only aggressive because they evolved to defend themselves against elephants and giraffes. I've tasted jalapeno honey, huisache honey, cotton honey and honey from a dense oak forest. They all taste different and although my palate is FAR from sophisticated, I could tell the honey had different origins.

The most important thing I've learned from Terry Carter is that not all honey is created equally. There has been honey sold directly to and laundered into the US from China. The big deal about this and other mass produced honey is that there is no trace of pollen in the honey, thereby negating the origin of the honey, and at times added sweeteners and toxic antibiotics. Some honey companies say they heat and filter the honey because Americans like their honey "pure and clear." Some honey isn't even honey at all, its corn syrup!

Just when you think you might be taking a step closer to a healthier lifestyle, you get more bad news. Well, awareness isn't bad news. To me, it's very important to know where my food comes from, how it's raised and how it's brought to me. My honey is no different!

Raw, local honey is the best you can buy for many reasons:

  • Support a local farmer and your community; 
  • It is guaranteed to have plenty of the local pollen you need for allergy support; 
  • It's a wonderful drawing salve that I've personally seen pull out Staph and boil infections;
  • It's not heated or filtered beyond pulling out the sticks and debris from the hive;
  • The entire process takes a few steps from the bee hive to the jar on your counter and; 
  • It's pure, unadulterated honey! 

This is only the tip of the honeycomb! Please leave a reply if you'd like to have an informative discussion with Terry Carter at Coastal Bend Health Foods. We'll be happy to schedule it!"
Kimmi Norvell is the owner of Coastal Bend Health Foods in Rockport, Texas.

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