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0 Roving Reporter: Camp Aranzazu – Where Miracles Happen…

"Every year we see so many campers and experience their wonderful stories. We thought we would share one with you...

From the Football Team to the Oncology Team: 

Last year, Andrew, a talented 14-year old defensive lineman, was hurt in his high school football game. Through further examination, doctors discovered he had a brain tumor, resulting in immediate surgery. Doctors told Andrew that he would be paralyzed and unable to speak. After several months of chemotherapy and surgeries, he completed his treatment this summer- just in time to attend a customized camp for Teens Living with Cancer at Camp Aranzazu, aptly called "Camp TLC," generously funded by Driscoll Children’s Hospital and donors of Camp Aranzazu.
Andrew was introduced to teens that had gone though the same experiences. According to his physicians and parents, Camp Aranzazu had a profound effect on Andrew, helping him understand that he is not alone.

Through the relationships he built at camp, Andrew was able to heal emotionally and develop empathy for others, especially those who sacrificed so much to help him recover. His peers at camp gave him support to help him accept what happened and to realize how many people are affected by serious illnesses or disabilities. With the help of his counselors at Camp Aranzazu, Andrew learned how to socialize again, feeling encouraged and prepared to go back to school, and to dream again of a future filled with hope.

It’s stories like Andrew’s and so many others that make Camp Aranzazu a place where miracles happen."
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