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0 The World According to Bella | "Those Darn Cats"

"My legs twitch when I'm having good dreams, especially cat-and-bunny catching dreams. Once I caught a bunny at the lake, but Mr. C made me drop it. All I got in trade was a piece of salami. But it was those darn cats in Texas that sent me into a tailspin.

Our Rockport rental was a small but cozy house on stilts. A fence that went all around the house was my own private doggie running track. The front deck was the perfect spot to sit and watch all the neighborhood activities especially those darn cats across the street. I spent hours on cat patrol waiting for my chance to escape and catch one.

Once I got real close to catching those darn cats when Mrs. S forgot to latch the gate. Seizing my chance I flew down the steps, across the street. I was on a cat mission. My barking did get their attention. But they outsmarted me and disappeared.

My late night pacing on the wood floors often woke up Mr. C and Mrs. S. It was the clickity-clack of my nails back and forth across the floor that got their attention. They weren't sure if I really had to go out and "do my business" or what. But I fooled them. Just as the front door would open I'd fly down the deck stairs barking, snarling and growling trying to scare off those darn cats.

I overheard Mrs. S telling Mr. C that my late night behavior was just like having a toddler around. My feelings were hurt. Blame it on those darn cats in the neighborhood, teasing me and prowling along the fence day and night. Their late night meowing, hissing and crying often interrupted my cat-and-bunny catching dreams.

But it was after the garbage incident that made Mr. C and Mrs. S begin to think my antics were not one bit cute. I had been having one of those "get up and go outside for a cat check" nights. Once outside I exhausted myself running round and round the fenced in area. I knew those darn cats were lurking out there somewhere. As I came around the corner, I couldn't believe my eyes. An unattended garbage can stood without a top. The food smells made my nose twitch. I practically drooled. Pushing the can over, I pawed furiously into the tied bag inside. Just as I was polishing off the remains of last night's broccoli/ham cornbread dinner I felt a yank on my collar. Mr. C who had been waiting by the door discovered what I had done and yelled, "Bella, drop it!"

I was in BIG trouble! Mr.C does not like to miss his sleep, nor clean up my messes. I got a very long scolding and was sent back to bed. 

I guess the closest I"ll ever get to catching those darn cats will only be in my dreams."

Love, Bella
(Sue Ready)

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