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1 "Pay It Forward" | A Story of Local Good Will

I just wanted to share a brief uplifting experience I had this morning. I was in the drive through lane treating myself to a breakfast taco - something I never do. While waiting I was looking at the minivan in front of me, admiring the little sport decals with the children's names when I noticed the words "Pay it Forward" on the rear window. I was thinking about that when the vehicle moved forward and as I came to the window, the young lady waiting to hand me my order was all grins.
She said the woman in the minivan had paid for my breakfast! Now there was someone who didn't just paste a sticker with a slogan on her car, but one who actually practices and lives the slogan in her everyday life! She didn't know me from Adam, but bought my breakfast! How sweet! I did noticed the custom license plate and business banner on the vehicle also. So it had to be Sarah from Full Circle Printing/T-shirt Shack who was driving that minivan.

This goes out to Sarah:

Thank you, Sarah! My stepson & you were classmates way back in Jr. High School! You not only made my morning, but you lifted my spirits and reminded me that I too, can and will PAY IT FORWARD!


Sandra Carter

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Yep! something similar to this happened to me a few years ago at Starbucks. It makes you feel so good to think random people can just be kind to a perfect stranger. I've done it too many times since.

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