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4 Recommendation Needed | New to Town: Where to Volunteer?

I have just moved to Rockport and am very interested in meeting other women in the area. Recommendations organizations and specific volunteer opportunities would be appreciated.
Thank you! - Ruth Ann



The art center (rockportartcenter.com) is a wonderful place to volunteer and meet great folks...even if you're not an artist. Plenty of volunteer opportunities for this local 501(c)3.


You may consider coming to the up-and-coming WWN Halloween Party Oct 29....it will be a wonderful place to network with other local ladies and fellas.


Fulton Mansion is always looking for new volunteers, and you can do much more than just give tours! Please call 729-0386 x21 or x25.


Access Counseling is looking for new volunteers and board members, if you're interested then give me a call at 729-0633 Monday-Friday 1-5 and I can give you more information.

Chelcie Oliver
Access Counseling Office Manager

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