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0 Roving Reporter | The Little Bay Sea Queens at Seafair

"Dearest Fans of the Little Bay Sea Queens,

We just loved all the cheering and dancing along the sidelines as we paraded through downtown Rockport last Saturday in the Seafair Parade! Did we have some good moves, or what?! And our float was really sumpthin’ with the banner across the back “Big or Small Save Them All” to remind everyone that it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to be diligent in getting those exams. Our Royal Driver, Gene, sure gave us a smooth ride with Chip in the catbird seat and our favorite black Lab, Houston, dashing back and forth trying to see both sides of the crowd at the same time. Did you catch one of the LBSQ Frisbees we were throwin’?

Our new sound system rocked. We couldn’t have gotten it together without the help of our Beach Boy Toy, Jake. He’s so fine. He called to Crazy Rusty for help to even-up the odds while we were dining on the outside patio after the parade, but Jake really did quite well all by himself surrounded by red heads wearing tiaras and acting up.

Time to stroll and away we went to the Seafair festival grounds. It didn’t take long before we found lots of friends and fans who gave us opportunities to plant big red kisses and pose for pictures. My, that was fun. The band was playing a hot number so we had dance, we just couldn’t stop. And the food and vendors! There was a lot to see and do.

Just one more picture...Shoot, Queens know how to have fun.

What’s coming up next for the Queens? I’ve heard rumors about a YouTube that true?

Yours in Sequins and Rockport Ropers,

Little Bay Sea Queens

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