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0 "Spontaneity" by Juliet Wenger

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"George Barnard Shaw said, “Youth is such a wonderful time. It’s a crime to waste it on children.”

With a bit of spontaneity, a man or woman of any age can reclaim that feeling of unrestraint...the freedom to do and say what comes to mind and give no thought to the consequences. Year in, year out, you do what our families and friends expect of us. Then, what if, spur of the moment, you do what occurs to you.

Not too long ago in Aransas County a group of intelligent women read a novel entitled the Sweet Potato Queens. The story is about women not unlike those in the club who decided to confound all who knew them by declaring themselves beauty queens and riding in a parade. As the club members discussed it, they looked one to another and said, “We can do that and ride on a float in the Fulton Oyster Fest.”

Self anointed as Sea Queens of Little Bay, they costumed themselves in short, tight fitting, see-through dresses studded with sequins. Bosoms and behinds were generously padded. Ropes of pearls draped their throats. Each wore a long red wig. Curved blue eyelashes blinked above seductive smiles. Their feet were shod in fisherman’s white rubber boots. As their float moved down the parade route, they threw candies and come-hither glances. The crowds whistled and called to them appreciatively. The Sea Queens were no longer mothers, grandmothers, stockbrokers, headhunters, realtors, schoolteachers, and artists. They were the heroines of a fantasy. They were ageless and whatever else they wanted to be. They’ve won three trophies since then.

This story ends, as do all fairy tales. They live happily ever after.
Commentary on Spontaneity by Juliet Wenger for KEDT Radio, aired late summer, early fall 2002

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