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0 "The Challenge" By Jill H. Garrett

Jill H. Garrett is a friend of mine from our Texas Star days at the University of Texas and I asked her to send some of her "Grinalittles" to share with our readers. She has sent some in and here is another. I hope you enjoy. - Jo Blaylock
"About 30 years ago, I had Rotator Cuff surgery on my right shoulder, including re-attaching the muscles that had also torn loose...OUCH! While playing five hours of volleyball I tore my muscles! Recovery and rehabilitation seemed to take forever. I had to depend on "others" to do almost everything I was accustomed to handling.
Pride often overshadowed pain. I even had to sign checks in some sort of chicken scratch with my left hand, which might have qualified me as a physician. And I constantly recalled my penmanship award in the third grade.

Another challenge was my extremely long hair. That first night home from the hospital, I had waited until the entire family was away, then cautiously set about to shampoo my locks still holding onto the antiseptic, hospital smell. To say I was eager and excited would definitely be an over-statement, but I felt I needed to accomplish something...anything.

The entire shampooing, rinsing, conditioning, rinsing took over an hour-and-a-half. Finding myself totally exhausted, another task was ahead...attempting to wrap wet and stringy "Rapunzel" strands in that turkish towel headdress! Wish it had been recorded on video for posterity, as an act of humility. My entire right arm attached to my body and in a sling led to some of the most peculiar poses and gyrations that would have qualified for a circus clown's performance.

The most consistant challenge was to over-ride the nighttime dilusions caused by my pain meds. Never having "experimented" with any substances other than Virginia Slims, it became necessary to try to reckon with these weird dreams. Family and friends that often sat in the bedroom, until I was fast asleep, shared with me later that I was a "hoot" in observing my movements and words. Some even took pictures or tape-recorded, like they were some sort of Alan Funt and "Candid Camera!"

All joking aside, from that day until now, everytime I hear the word "challenger,"  I become a bit more aware of what the "challenged,"referring to someone who requires some help, truly might allow me the opportunity of gladly and greatfully offering my assistance. This was especially considered, when the NASA Spacecraft, "Challenger" met it's fate years ago. As a result, I invite you to be a partner with me in these challenging situations that involve others in our lives, because I know how very much it will be appreciated, and it'll reward you with an incredible smile!

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