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You may have seen around the WWN website and others the offering to "follow" or "subscribe" to their website's "RSS Feed." You might have brushed it off as incomprehensible 'techy lingo' and nothing more, but did you know it can help to simplify your daily web browsing!?

RSS stands for "Rich Site Summary" or sometimes "Real(ly) Simple Syndication." Basically, it gathers all the pictures, layout, design and text of a website, and simplifies it down into one concise news feed made of basic computer code--think simple, simple. Generally "RSS Feeds" are generated by websites (and blogs) that contain time-sensitive content.

If you're going to understand how "RSS Feeds" work then you'll also want to know what an online "Reader" is or an "RSS Reader." Just like it would seem, an "RSS Reader" reads or interprets "RSS Feeds." Readers have the unique ability to stream in (or funnel in) many different RSS Feeds into 1 Single Reader Program... so you don't have to spend all day going to one website to see their news, and then jumping to another website to get their news...everything funnels onto your online "Reader." Saving you time and effort!

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For the purposes of this article, we are going to use "Google Reader" as an example, but there are many, many other RSS "Readers" out there. If you already have a Gmail Account or a Google Profile, then you can easily breath wind into your Google Reader account with little effort. Just go to:

...and use your Gmail account to log in. It's easy to "Subscribe" to various feeds. Google Reader even let's you simply type in the web address (URL) to add it into your "funnel." (See image below). The BLUE Address is what you add to your Reader when you wish to "Subscribe" to a feed.

Just so you know....not all websites have corresponding RSS Feed capabilities, but many do nowadays and advertise it proudly in the form of an icon on their website.

Here are some LOCAL Folks who have RSS Feeds to Get You Started! 

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(Psst...SHARE YOUR RSS FEED! If you have a local website with an RSS feed, feel free to leave your RSS address in the comments under this post!)

  • WWNRockport.com (Main WWN News Feed)
    • http://www.wwnrockport.com/feeds/posts/default
  • WWN Comment Feed (WWN Comment Feed)
    • http://www.blogger.com/feeds/5673160647009210934/comments/default
  • RialtoTheater.org
    • http://www.rialtotheater.org/feeds/posts/default
  • CoastalBendHealthFoods.com
    • http://www.coastalbendhealthfoods.com/feeds/posts/default
  • ACISD.org
    • https://www.acisd.org/rss.cfm?feed=news
  • New Beginnings "Your Favorite Store"
    • http://yourfavoritestorerockport.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default
  • Aquarium at Rockport Harbor
    • http://www.rockportaquarium.com/index.php?format=feed&type=rss

A. Ross is the Owner of The Branding Arsenal in Rockport, Texas. Folks are welcome to ask general questions in the comments on this post!

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