Healthy Habits | "Love Makes My World Go Round" by Kimmi Norvell Moake

"I'm not sure if you noticed but I've been MIA the past month or so. Promise I have a valid excuse but then again, we always tend to think our excuses are valid. For those of you that don't know, I recently got married to the man of my dreams. He hasn't always been the man of my dreams but he has slowly evolved into someone I adore...someone I love...someone I call my best friend and I am very thankful he's in my life. If you couldn't tell by the title, we're moving into today's subject. It seemed like the easiest topic to discuss considering what I've been up to: marriage, honeymoon and then to New Orleans for good friend's nuptials. I guess the only other thing I could discuss with detail would be traveling but that's not as fun as love!

I've always followed my heart. It has moved me to the far corners of the USA, including Rockport, through many o' different relationships and friendships and many different versions of myself. I used to think I should get my brain more involved but the longer I live, the happier I am letting my heart guide me. I don't really know how else to get by. I still strive to stand with my feet firm to the ground and run my heartfelt decisions through the thinker up top but overall, it's the love that leads me through. The main goal for my wedding was for everyone involved to feel love. I didn't want the ceremony or reception to be feel like every other wedding because it wasn't anyone else's wedding, it was ours. My brother called me the next week and said he felt like he married us. I was thrilled to hear this because that was the point, for everyone attending to feel like they're a part. They've been part of the six-year relationship, let's hope they continue in our lives to be part of the long haul. We celebrated the joining of friends and families and incorporated words as such into our vows.

I've tried to accomplish this in many other parts of my life as well. I know we are all creatures of love but I truly feel like it is my life's mission to spread and create love. I hope people can feel love when come in Coastal Bend Health Foods, when they meet me at a party or when they experience a class with Rockport Yoga. It's nice to have brief encounter and walk away feeling better about life. Ask anyone I grew up with, I surely wasn't always like this and I'm still not always full of love! Humans have an ebb and flow of love and gratitude in our lives. When I am most loving, is when I am most content with myself.

Learning to love yourself is the hardest part of love. It's WAY easier overlooking someone else's faults than it is to even recognize our own. I end my yoga classes with a mantra (words or sounds to create transformation) that I constantly say to keep my heart on the right path.

Think positive thoughts towards ourselves and others.
Speak kind words towards ourselves and others and,
Learn to love within so can look for the love in the world around us.

Spend the next few moments breathing light into your heart. Have a goal to be more comfortable with yourself as you recognize and honor or change your ways. Know that love is what truly makes the world go around.
Kimmi Norvell Moake is the owner of Coastal Bend Health Foods in Rockport, Texas.

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