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5 Looking For "Redneck Riviera T-Shirt"

I am looking for a special t-shirt I saw in a shop on Austin St. It was a white tee which referenced Rockport as being "The Redneck Riviera of Texas"or similar and had a cute PICTURE on the front or back with this slogan. Anyone know which shop this might have been? I went into most of the shops on Austin St. today but didn't see it. Love the shirt and really want to find it. Thanks if you can help in my search. - Ruth Ann
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This is about your candy post. Sorry, but I don't know who has the cute T-shirt you are looking for. However, I'm pretty sure the Coastal Bend Troop Support can use your left over candy to send overseas to our men and men who are deployed. They are a great organization and run on volunteer power!
Otherwise, Humpal Physical Therapy always has a bowl of candy out for the patients and they appreciate donations.


I am thinking you might have seen it at Sassy? They have super cute "redneck slogan type" shirts there!


Well, I'm not downtown but I have carried the Redneck Riviera T-shirt, white with a palm tree & beach on it. I do have one left but it is a large size. Come by Paradise House when you have a chance....


Thank you so much for the suggestions-donated the candy to the Coastal Bend Troop Support.


Thanks so much, Jean. I am SO excited that you had the shirt I had seen and above all, thank you for putting it aside for me!!! It was just waiting for me!

Ruth Ann

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