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6 Recommendation Needed: Fabric by the Yard in the Texas Coastal Bend

I'm looking to buy fabric by the yard, but have hit all the usually suspects (Joann's, Holly Lobby, Wal-mart & the Golden Needle)...but still can't find what I need.

Can anyone recommend a store(s) that has a good selection, is in the Texas Coastal Bend, but isn't one of the ones I named?

Thanks, Anne
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We have a great selection of fabric books at C-Side Decorating! You have to order the fabric but it comes in quickly and you are welcome to check out books and take them home! Stop on by at 323 East Market Street!


That's great to know. Thanks!


Corpus has two Quilt Shops with great fabric selection. The Quilt Cottage and Heriloom fabrics.


You didn't mention what type of fabric you are looking for...quilting, home decorating, upholstery, clothing? If it's clothing/fashion, the only place I've found is High Fashion Fabrics in Houston (www.highfashionfabrics.com). I sew for myself a lot and so I find this place is worth the drive, and there's no place in the Coastal Bend area that compares. Good luck!


Hi Gail -- I'm actually hunting for Osnaburg or a Linen/Cotton (wide weave) to do some decorative embroidery work. I've always used Osnaburg in the past, but it's become hard to find for some reason....as I'm looking for the bleached variety. Not a fan of the "natural" textures. Thanks for your suggestions!


Well, you might give them a call. They specialize in natural fabrics--cotton, linen, wool, silk, leather, etc. I'm sure they've heard of your fabric and if they don't stock it they can order it for you. They have mailed me fabric in the past. Good luck!

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